Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Dailey’s energy and M&A experience of over 25 years includes US, international, public and private markets. Mr. Dailey founded International Electric Power (IEP) in 2008 which is an independent power producer where he serves as the Chairman and CEO.  IEP was focused on emerging markets for several years and executed a thermal project Panama (sold to AES) and a solar project in Grand Cayman (sold to York Capital).  IEP now focuses on North American markets. Prior to IEP he was Managing Director and Founder of Complete Energy Holdings LLC., which owned and operated over 1,800 MW of clean, gas fired power generating assets in the United States.  Prior to that, he was an executive  at Allegheny Energy, where he served for 12 years in various executive roles including operations, head of  M&A, and strategy. He has extensive executive-level, finance, operations and management experience in the energy sector. He has grown businesses through startup, acquisition, and has raised significant capital through the US and international capital markets. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Juris Doctorate (with honors) from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, where he was editor-in-chief of the Law Journal.

At Allegheny Energy Mr. Dailey closed over $1B in M&A transactions; operated over 8500 MW of power generation with over 2800 employees and an annual budget of over $1 billion, which included:

  • Supercritical coal fired plants - Harrison 2052 MW, Hatfield’s Ferry 1728 MW, Pleasants 1368 MW, and Fort Martin 1152 MW
  • Subcritical coal plants - Armstrong 326 MW, Mitchell 299 MW, Albright 278 MW, Willow Island 213 MW, Rivesville 110 MW, and Paul Smith 110 MW
  • Run of River Hydro Lake Lynn 52 MW
  • Pumped Storage Hydro Bath County 900 MW
  • Combined cycle gas plants at Springdale 628 MW
  • Simple cycle gas plants 88 MW and Chambersburg 88 MW  

As Managing Director of Complete Energy Holdings closed over $1B in M&A transactions; operated over 1800 MW of power generation with over 130 employees and annual budget of over $150 million which included two efficient combined cycle gas plants in the US, one with 837 MW of net capacity and the other with 1022 MW of net capacity.   

Peter Dailey