IEP’s predecessor company, Complete Energy, LLC, acquired the Batesville Power Plant (Batesville) in 2006, with a generating capacity of approximately 837 MW, located on a 58-acre parcel in the City of Batesville, Mississippi, which is about 60 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. The power plant consists of three individually operated combined-cycle units, each including a gas-fired combustion turbine generator, heat recovery steam generator and a steam turbine generator, plus certain auxiliary equipment. The plant’s output was sold under long-term PPAs with J. Aron and SMEPA, which were structured as tolling arrangements, whereby J. Aron and SMEPA would procure and deliver fuel for their respective units. Batesville is situated with direct access to three natural gas interstate pipelines, owned by ANR, Tennessee and Trunkline pipeline gas companies, with dual interconnections to the Entergy and TVA transmission systems within SERC. This optionality enabled dispatched into two of the most liquid hubs in the Southeast. Once the PPAs expire, the plant is well positioned to compete as a merchant plant. Expansion possibilities included the addition of four additional units.

LSP Batesville Holding, LLC