Power Plant Commercial Operations

Grand Cayman Solar Farm Development

IEP's team won the bid for and completed this greenfield development of a 5 MW solar project in the Caribbean resulting in the saving of $0.16 USD per kWh for residents of the Grand Cayman

With the wealth of experience our Executive team possess, they have established a legacy of successful projects from California to Pakistan.  Our team's accomplishments and accolades include financing the largest solar thermal plant in the world, winning deal of the year, developing solar projects in the Caribbean, establishing and running a successful commodity trading floor, and managing EPC companies with annual revenues exceeding $1 Billion annually. Our team offers the broadest and most diverse skill set in the industry because they have successfully been a part of all aspects of the industry.  We have highlighted some of the accomplishments our team is most proud of below, click to explore each project further.  If you'd like even more information please reach out to us.

Between 2002 and 2011, the IEP’s executive leadership managed all interfaces between PJM and Allegheny Energy Supply’s generation fleet.  IEP's leadership managed a 24/7 round-the-clock dispatch floor to respond to real-time market opportunities, communicate with PJM system operators regarding the operating status of the Allegheny Energy Supply generation fleet, and interact with power station operators to discuss emerging operational issues at the plants and provide market instructions. This effort included the preparation of detailed cost curves for each power plant based on prevailing fuel prices, submittal of daily plant offers into PJM for potential dispatch, scheduling short- and long-term planned and unplanned outages, and managing Allegheny’s capacity position in PJM.  

Regulatory and RTO Stakeholder Process Management and Advocacy

Cerro Azul Power Plant Development and PPA Negotiation 

IEP's leadership won Deal of the year in 2006 for the acquisition of this 1,022 MW CCGT plant in Kern County California.

IEP’s leadership supported, and actively participated in several complex regulatory matters for Allegheny Energy that included providing commercial support for Allegheny’s decision to formally join the PJM, negotiating and participating in PJM stakeholder discussions, and advocating rules in PJM to protect and improve the allocation and funding of Allegheny Energy’s financial transmission rights.  

IEP is rich in experience dealing both with the US Government and with governments all over the world.  Our executive management team has worked with the DOD and DOE, foreign governments from Panama to Pakistan, and with multilateral banks such as the IFC, OPEC, IDB, and the World Bank.

USA and International Government Experience

Shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, IEP's executive management team worked with the Haitian government to plan and develop a $325 million, 50 MW waste- to Energy Project in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

RTO Operations and Power Plant Dispatch

IEP’s executive leadership directed commercial operations of Allegheny Energy Supply's fleet of unregulated generating assets in PJM, MISO, and SERC markets between 2002 and 2011. The fleet included supercritical and subcritical generation, natural gas combined cycle and peaking generation, oil-fired peaking generation, pumped-storage hydro generation, and run-of-river hydro generation.   


IEP's leadership managed all aspects of Allegheny Energy's national commodity trading floor across multiple commodities and markets.  IEP's leadership completely retooled an unprofitable trading floor into profitability within 2 years, establishing a culture of accountability teamwork and risk control compliance.

Project Phoenix Waste-to-Energy Plant Development

IEP's executive management team led the acquisition of this 837 MW CCGT plant in Batesville, Mississippi.   The negotiated tolling agreements and the plants access to natural gas interstate pipelines made this acquisition particularly successful.

Batesville Acquisition

La Paloma Deal of the Year

To help Panama deal with their issues with rolling brownouts, IEP leadership won a bid to supply 80 MW of thermally generated power through the development two simple cycle peaker plants.

Commodity Trading